“Moments of Suffering”

“Moments of Suffering” is the follow up to Grief Ritual’s December 2018 debut EP “Life is a Phase”.

With a burgeoning reputation for sickeningly heavy live sets “Moments of Suffering” showcases the bands crushingly raw yet hauntingly immersive sound as it continues to emerge and grow from the blackened roots of their debut.

Concentrating on themes of anxiety, depression, grief and loss spread across five tracks, “Moments of Suffering” pummels the listener into submission and has to date received widespread acclaim.

Tom Coles of The Quietus called it “a devastatingly heavy offering”, and that “The EP feels stretched and strained, tightly-coiled, in much the same way that the first Napalm Death records sound; heavy for sure, but in the sense that at any moment the whole thing could collapse into ashes”.

While Eddie Sims, of Distorted Sound Magazine, wrote “Grief Ritual are able to harness the harrowing power of extreme music and channel it in a genuinely exciting way”.

“Moments of Suffering” is available for free from Bandcamp and streamable on all the usual platforms. A limited number of transparent blue cassette tapes are also available from Cardiff-based DIY label F H E D.


The Quietus: “Matte black metal from Grief Ritual is bursting with ideas” – Tom Coles

Distorted Sound Magazine: “Grief Ritual are showing themselves to be even more capable than previously imagined” – Eddie Sims

No Clean Singing: “Moments of Suffering left me hungry to hear a proper full-length” – Andy Synn

The Moshville Times: “Like a jackboot to the bollocks” – Mosh

GBHBL: “Possibly the best EP of the year” – Carl Fisher

Musipedia Of Metal: “Like a slab dragged by a ten-ton truck” – Paul Hutchings

Devil’s Horns Zine: “Wow, prepare to get your skull crushed and your mind to be dissolved by the greatness of this heavy slab of darkness” – DHZ

Down The Front Media: “About as subtle as a shotgun blast to the face, the harsh, shredding rhythms and pummeling beats kick you in the teeth” – Paul Morgan