Grief Ritual’s seething brand of viscerally unrelenting post-metal tinged blackened metallic hardcore has seen them leave a lasting impression on anyone who has witnessed their genre-blending miseryscapes live.

With an approach that sees ferociously crushing heaviness contrast with ephemeral moments of bleak grim dread, they have been described as “a nuanced exploration of caustic catharsis” by The Quietus, and appearances at Bloodstock Open Air Festival and the Arctangent x 2000 Trees event ‘80Trees’ have followed.

February 2022 brought a support slot to Knocked Loose, Terror, and Static Dress, and Grief Ritual’s debut single ‘Dissolution’, produced by Joe Clayton (Curse These Metal Hands / Pijn / Leeched). ‘Dissolution’ was called a “brutalising outlet of devastating catharsis at it’s most malicious and violent” and a “horrifically vivid display of pure resentment towards our increasingly casuistic modern culture” by Noizze.

March 2022 will see Grief Ritual support black metal behemoths Wiegedood (Church of Ra / Amenra / Oathbreaker) and also an appearance at Dreadfest, whilst in the summer of 2022 they will make their 2000 Trees Festival debut and are also among the headliners for Attitude Festival.

Listen to ‘Dissolution‘ now.

Grief Ritual – Photo by Adam Chandler



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Key Press:

Good friendly violent fun” – Cat Finch (The Razor’s Edge), Knocked Loose set review, February 2022

Their relentless debut single ‘Dissolution’… (a) visceral and horrifically vivid display of pure resentment towards our increasingly casuistic modern culture” – Dan Hillier (Noizze), Ithaca, Pupil Slicer, Nova Twins and More – New Noizze: The 11 Must Listen Tracks Of The Week February 2022

Grief Ritual’s sinister, caustic blackened hardcore hits like a ferocious, streamlined Deafheaven” – Astral Noize, Ones to Watch 2021

Matte black metal from Grief Ritual is bursting with ideas” – Tom Coles (The Quietus), Moments of Suffering review

Grief Ritual are showing themselves to be even more capable than previously imagined” – Eddie Sims (Distorted Sound Magazine), Moments of Suffering review

Taking the crown for the heaviest set of the weekend, Grief Ritual bring misery to Badgerfest. Glorious misery that you can’t help but wallow in” – Carl Fisher (GBHBL), 2021 Live Review

This is loud on another level, with lashings of misery and aggression” – Sarah Cummings (RockFlesh), 2021 Live Review

Their blend of tarry sludge and seething, going-for-the-juggular black metal is beautifully disgusting and, with deft pepperings of death metal to boot, a winning combination.  One of the band’s of the weekend.” – Phil Weller (Manchester Rocks) – 2021 Live Review

Existentially as well as sonically heavy and with a passionate and fully committed live show, expect big things from Grief Ritual in 2020” – Astral Noize, Ones to Watch 2020

This Blackened Hardcore crew have perfected a recipe with a real kick to it – abrasive, howling vocals, seething, dissonant distortion, and bullish, belligerent grooves” – Andy Synn (No Clean Singing), 2019 – A Year In Reviews

Their stage presence is undeniable… Grief Ritual drag those present through the mud for 30 minutes of intense blackened hardcore noise that is as varied and interesting as it is rapturous” – Eddie Sims (Distorted Sound Magazine) – Bloodstock 2019 Review

Leaves a lasting impression” – Mosh (The Moshville Times) – Moments of Suffering review

Heavy AF and a delight live” – Ben Adsett (Vulture Hound) – Bands to Watch in 2020

Possibly the best EP of the year” – Carl Fisher (GBHBL), Moments of Suffering review

Music that not only caves the cranium but also makes you think” – Paul Hutchings (Musipedia of Metal), Moments of Suffering review

“Grief Ritual’s blackened hardcore rattles the listener on debut EP Life is a Phase” – Caleb Newton (Captured Howls), Life is a Phase review

Music made to punch you in the face with pure darkness” – Bloodstock 2019 – 9 New Blood Stage Bands You Don’t Want To Miss (Bloggers Gamut)